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Creflo Dollar: 'I never should have been arrested' | News

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Creflo Dollar: 'I never should have been arrested'

ATLANTA -- Pastor Creflo Dollar received several standing ovations at his World Changers International Church service Sunday. It was his first service since his arrest for simple battery and cruelty to children. Dollar did not duck the issue when speaking, either.

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"I want you to hear personally from me ... all is well in the Dollar household," he said to applause.

Dollar was arrested in Fayetteville Friday after his 15-year-old daughter told police her father choked and punched her and hit her with his shoe. According to the police report, Dollar said his  daughter "became very disrespectful" after he told her she couldn't go to a party and he said she hit him.

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"Raising children in our culture of disrespect is a challenge," Dollar told his congregation Sunday. "Like all of us who are parents [know], there are times when discipline and training our kids can become pretty intense."

"The truth is that a family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional, emotions got involved, and things escalated from there," he added. "The truth is, she was not choked, she was not punched."

According to the police report, Dollar said he wrestled his daughter to the ground and spanked her after she hit him. The police report also noted a scratch on the daughter's neck, which she claimed her father gave her during the fight.

"There were no scratches on her neck," Dollar said Sunday. "The only thing on her neck was a prior skin abrasion form eczema. Anything else is an exaggeration and sensationalism."

"To come and take a picture of a mark that's been there for 10 years, and to not have enough intelligence at least to ask the parent what it is? [That] is appalling," Dollar added.

Dollar was released Friday after posting a $5,000 bond.

On Sunday, he said the facts in the case would eventually come to light.

His arrest appeared to have little effect on the church's attendance numbers, as full shuttles were still arriving from offsite parking lots a full hour after the service started.