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TSA bomb-sniffing dog bites woman at Hartsfield-Jackson | News

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TSA bomb-sniffing dog bites woman at Hartsfield-Jackson

ATLANTA -- A Rome woman is still recovering after being bitten in the side by a TSA bomb-sniffing dog.

The incident happened on May 2nd in the south terminal baggage claim carousel at Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Sue Dubitsky told 11Alive News she was standing in the baggage claim area and noticed the K-9 officer and handler standing beside her. She said she was barely paying them any attention when the dog suddenly lunged and bit her in the lower stomach.

According to an Atlanta Police report, Dubitsky was checked out by EMS on the scene however according to EMS first responders "the skin was broken, there was no bleeding and it just looked like a scratch." 

But Dubitsky said the injuries were more serious; she said the bite left three cuts, bleeding and a bruise as big as her hand. She sent pictures of her injury to 11Alive.

"I don't remember feeling the cut," Dubitsky said. "I didn't really realize that he had pierced the skin."

Dubitsky said she wanted to speak out to keep this from happening to someone else.

"Can you imagine that [dog's mouth] around a child's neck?" she said. "And that, the height of my waistline, could easily be a child."

TSA provides and trains bomb-sniffing dogs for airport security. The dogs are handled by local law enforcement. In this case, the handler was an Atlanta Police officer.

Atlanta Police and the TSA are investigating the incident.