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Search for hero dog who saved her master's life | News

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Search for hero dog who saved her master's life

(WXIA) -- "The minute I cracked the door all I could see was the gun."

On Christmas Eve, Craig Touchet was in a fight for his life.

"All I could think was getting him out of the door and slamming the door shut."

A gunman burst into his hotel room and tried to rob him.

"When he seen I was starting to push him back is when he shot."

What saved Touchet? His dog, Baby Girl.

"If she wouldn't have gotten between me and the robber," he said. "I really feel I wouldn't be here today."

But in the chaos of the gunfire the 6 year-old Pit Bull-Lab mix ran away.

Friday night, with help from Two Tailz K9 ResQ in Roswell, the family has launched an aggressive search for Baby Girl, racing against the clock, trying now to save her life.

"It's kind of all over the place," searcher Jordina Ghiggeri said. "We need to get some answers as to whether someone was able to get Baby Girl early on, or if at all, or if she's still roaming."

Ghiggeri Is a pet recovery expert from New Jersey, brought in to find the missing dog with a trio of her own.

"We went a pretty good distance down the road to a gated closed lot," she said. "You could see her claw marks to get up into it, and then her hair was actually still in the wood as she slithered under that."

Her dogs were rescued from kill shelters and have now been trained to search. All three alerted to an area around the Days Inn on Best Road in College Park.

A later possible sighting in Union City proved less optimistic, as none of the three dogs could catch a scent of Baby Girl, standing down by sitting down.

For more information and updates visit the family's FaceBook page for Baby Girl by clicking here.

If you think you've seen her, please call 404-963-4020 or 678-920-8147.