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New Delta 80s Safety Video totally rad | News

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New Delta 80s Safety Video totally rad

ATLANTA -- Delta's latest safety video is an 80s throwback. It's already a YouTube hit, topping 1 million views in three days.

Airline safety videos used to be something passengers tuned out as they covered government-mandated safety information. In 2008, red-headed flight attendant Katherine Lee was dubbed "Deltalina". The video became a YouTube sensation and ushered in a new series of creative safety videos. 

This Christmas, the airline safety video featuring Santa was another passenger favorite. 

Now, they're embracing the resurgence in 80s memorabilia and fashion with a throwback to all things 1980s. Side ponytails and big hair are featured prominently and obviously. There are so many nods to the decade, you find yourself watching for the next shout out: Teddy Ruxpin, A.L.F., Tab soda, bangles bracelets, leg warmers and flat tops. 

When the flight attendant touts the new rule allowing personal electronic devices and WiFi, the passengers look confused. 

There's even a shout out to Deltalina Katherine Lee with a little girl look-a-like, suggesting her age during the 1980s. 

It's the latest chapter in Delta's successful series of not-so-boring safety videos.